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Feb 20

Raise Your School Spirit With Promotional Items

To gain craze or excitement for your favorite team, boost school spirit or raise money for an important cause, school spirit items are perfect promotional method for this. They offer an effective way to put interest in community, local sports teams, parents, students, school faculty. School spirit items are also great for fund raisers, cheer …

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Feb 19

Introduction to Restaurant Career Education

A restaurant career can be a smart move for a job seeker in today’s economic climate. While many industries are struggling, the opposite is true with the hospitality sector. The restaurant industry in particular, is currently enjoying a resurgence in the U.S. today, hardly surprising given that the average US citizen eats out for 24% …

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Feb 18

Internet Moneymaking Opportunities In The Education Industry

Although it should come as no surprise, there are a variety of ways for schools and educators to make money online. While the opportunities are endless, one recent concept has emerged, and thats the notion of selling goods and services through an educational auction and freelance network. One of the more obvious ways that schools …

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Feb 15

The Educational Value Of Crossword Puzzles

The education value of crossword puzzles is readily apparent when one considers the multiple learning skills involved in both creating and solving a crossword puzzle. No longer just a fun diversion, crossword puzzles have reached the status of a national pastime in the US and in other countries. Their popularity began around the 1920s and …

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Feb 13

Scientific Research Into The Benefits Of Montessori Education

The University of Virginia conducted a variety of studies on academic performance, social skills, behavioral tendencies and psychological norms of Montessori students who were five and twelve years of age. They then did comparable research on non-Montessori school children of the same ages. The study was recently published in the academic journal Science by Dr …

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Feb 12

In Rome Italian Language and Culture Courses for Foreign Students

Rome is certainly one of the favourite destinations chosen by foreign students from all over the world who decide to allow themselves a learning vacation in Italy. Coming in contact with all the aspects of Italian culture is the best way to learn the language, and what’s better than the scenery of Rome to dive …

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Feb 04

Custom School Gear That Won’t Break The Bank

It may be only the kids that are going to school, but it’s the moms and dads that have to do all the work. If you’ve ever glanced at a student’s school supply list, you know what I’m talking about. Is it crazy to suggest that you get custom school gear Is getting custom school …

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Feb 03

Quiz Maker Program For Language Learning

Wondershare QuizCreator is an easy yet powerful authoring tool to generate Flash tests, exams, and quizzes for the web based assessment. With its various question types and multi media integration, this quiz maker program can be very effective for language learning and testing. Question Types for Language testing There are up to 9 popular question …

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Feb 03

Spanish Professor Wins Third Graduate XXI Education Contest

Jorge Gallardo won the prize for his proposal to reintegrate young victims of violence into society. Madrid, Spain, May 30, 2013 – Jorge Gallardo won the prize for his proposal to reintegrate young victims of violence into society. Spanish university professor Jorge Gallardo was the outright winner of the third GRADUATE XXI contest, an Inter-American …

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