Jun 01

A Paramedic Training School – How Important Is It

Many people that are looking to get into the medical field are entering paramedic school. It is a great way to find an exciting and rewarding career helping people.

What to do before enrolling in paramedic school:

There are various things that need to be done before one enters into the program. The person must first become a basic Emergency Medical Technician and obtain an EMT license. Local community colleges, hospitals, or ambulance services are the places to go to become licensed. This will allow a person to gain the knowledge on how to handle emergency situations.

Required experience is needed as well:

Learning to be a paramedic is something that can not be totally learned in the classroom. Most school educators will tell future students to work as an EMT for approximately a year. This is to gain experience in all situations that can not be duplicated in school. Many paramedic schools actually will not allow a student to enter paramedic school without a year of EMT experience.

To get into the program other things are needed:

After gaining a year of experience, many schools also feel that taking preparation classes are important before entering the school. Many of the courses will help people better understand emergency situations. Students will also have to have the basics such as anatomy and physiology and electrocardiogram or EKG courses. Basic algebra is also very important. Algebra is needed to learn the various formulas that are used when giving medications or fluids to patients.

Check with the state that you live in:

It is better to know the exact rules for your particular state, then to rely on the school. People will need to call the state licensing board for paramedics to learn about the rules and regulations and licensing requirements. Some states are very different. Some will allow on the job training to be used as vocational experience while others will not. Some states also ask for a two year degree.

Things that will occur in the program:

The program will be fast paced. At times exciting, and at times demanding. There is a lot to learn and this will be very time consuming. It is important to give the program the utmost in attentiveness and effort. At times there will not be a lot of free time, but in the end it is very rewarding.

Paramedic school is a great opportunity:

Paramedic school can be the start of a new career in medicine. At times it is challenging and demanding, but the reward of becoming a paramedic is worth the effort. Paramedics play a very important part as a first responder to most medical emergencies.


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