Mar 28

Eye Body Language – Detecting Lies By Reading Eye Body Language

Want to know how to detect lies by reading eye body language? In this article, I’ll reveal some extraordinary tips on how to catch a liar simply by interpreting the body language signs given by the eyes.

Reading eye body language may not be 100% accurate all the time. But by combining your interpretation of other nonverbal signals with their eye movements, you’ll come up with reliable data supporting your assertions.

When a person avoids making eye contact, he may be lying. However, some liars deliberately look you straight in the eye and maintain it because they don’t want to be seen as hiding something.

When a person is lying, he may be forcing himself to smile. A forced smile involves movement of the mouth only. A natural smile involves movement of the cheeks, eyes, nose and forehead. In a genuine smile, the eyes are smaller and squinted.

Here’s a rather unique technique to detect lies by reading eye body language.

If you ask a question to a right handed person, and he looks to the left in an upward direction, that means he is thinking or visually constructing an image in his mind. If he looks to the right in an upward direction, he is recalling or visually remembering something that actually happened.

So let’s say you ask him, Where were you when the child fell down? If he looks up to the left, he might be making up a story to cover the real incident. If he looks up to the right, he might be recalling what actually happened (in reality).

This method may help you determine if you want to accept their explanation or not, while also taking into account other factors.

Note that the meaning of these eye directions would have the reverse interpretation for a left handed person.

Remember also that you should not solely rely on reading eye body language to detect lies. It’s better if you combine it with your assessment of other body language signals for a more accurate interpretation.


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