Mar 25

Give your Children World Class Education with Schools in Bangalore East

School is like a second home to a child and he learns a lot from school as he does at home. So selecting the correct school for a child is very important. A good school plays a great role in shaping the future of a child. Bangalore, being one of the metro cities in India, has a number of private and government owned schools. The private schools may be CBSC, ICSE or International schools. Tuition fee in private schools is much higher compared to the government schools. The main medium of teaching in government schools is Kannada, while English and Hindi are the additional languages. In private schools the medium of teaching is in English, while Hindi and Kannada are taught as a second and third language. East Bangalore is one of the developing centers in the city with a number of industrial houses like Wipro, Hindustan Lever Research Centre, Padmini Industries, IFB Industries etc. So you can see many excellent Schools in Bangalore East.

The CBSE School in East Bangalore is recognized for its excellent performance and includes some top schools of the State. They have excellent infrastructure and the students are well taught and well trained to become proud citizens of India. Other than studies, they are also allowed to engage themselves in a number of extracurricular activities so that all the hidden talents in them are brought forward. Drawing, acting, indoor activities, outdoor activities and many other such activities are encouraged. Students are encouraged to participate in state level and national level sports like football, badminton, chess, volleyball, etc. Quiz competitions are also held to increase the general knowledge of the students. They are encouraged to write essays, poetry and short stories, and those who excel in these activities are awarded with certificates and trophies. Parent teachers’ meetings are held to interact with parents and inform them about the performance of their child in schools.ls.

Schools in Bangalore East often participate in national and international events and emerge as winners. For higher education also there are many institutions in Bangalore. There are excellent institutions for research as well. Classrooms in the schools are spacious and airy and the teacher student ratio is 20 to 25 so that each student is given special attention. In co-ed schools here are separate toilets for boys and girls and many other facilities.

To search for the CBSE School in East Bangalore, you may log on to the internet and you will get a list of all the schools in the area. Each school has its own website, where you can check the details and then compare between various schools. This way you can decide which school to choose and then approach directly. Meeting some of the students studying in the school also gets you a lot of information about a school.


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