Apr 29

Global Education Interact 2014 – The Biggest Education Fair In India

With growing economy and increasing income, many students are opting for overseas education. A plethora of choices and better job opportunities after earning a degree from a good university abroad are pulling many students towards this tempting alternative.

Studying abroad entails a long process which includes preparing for different exams, collecting documents and papers, knowing crucial dates, visa formalities, et al. It is not as easy as it seems where you can just fill a form and head off to your chosen destination.

United States and United Kingdom are the most preferred locations for studying overseas. Students from around the globe come to these locations to make a career and secure their future in the long run. However, there are many other equally popular education destinations in the world which many bright students opt to live and study in.

Before going to an expert, one can also do first-hand research about the top universities. This will help you to get a fair idea about the names of renowned colleges and universities abroad. Furthermore, if one is able to visit a education fair and discuss with delegates of chosen universities along with expert counselors of a renowned global education consultancy- life can definitely become much easier and the whole process of studying abroad will be hassle-free.

The global job market values an international degree but for that choosing a good university or college is extremely important. GEI offers a common platform for students who are genuinely interested in studying overseas to meet and interact with delegates of renowned universities from around the world face-to-face.

The Global Education Interact (GEI) is a much-awaited world biggest education fair which opens up various avenues of success and sources to correctly know those avenues and opportunities which can be very useful for students who wish to study abroad. The event will be hosted by ‘The Chopras’ this year too.

GEI has been very helpful for many students across various cities in India in deciding about their further education, overseas education journey, which university to choose, best degree program and numerous related things.

Details are as following:-

Coimbatore – 28th Jan, 2014
Hyderabad – 30th Jan, 2014
Bangalore – 1st Feb, 2014
Chennai – 2nd Feb, 2014
Pune – 5th Feb, 2014
Mumbai – 7th Feb, 2014
Delhi – 9th Feb, 2014
Jaipur – 11th Feb, 2014
Chandigarh – 13th Feb, 2014
Lucknow – 15th Feb, 2014
Nepal – 24th Feb, 2014

The main aim of the delegates is to meet students who are interested in taking admission in the current or up-coming batches. Some of the countries from which delegates will be coming to participate in the fair are:

New Zealand

Don’t miss this spectacuar event as it’s not everyday that delegates of top universities in the world and expert counselors of ‘The Chopras’ gather under one roof to help students across the country fulfill their dream!!!


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