Feb 28

Learning Italian Language and Culture in the Eternal City Rome

Rome. The Eternal City. Can you think of a better place where to enjoy La Dolce Vita? In the end what is la Dolce Vita if not culture and leisure, knowledge and joy of life intermingled in a pleasant environment. And Rome is all this.

Two thousands years of history, art and culture immersed in a mild enchanting climate and a relaxed way of life. That’s why, even before Fellini’s movie celebration, Rome has always been La Dolce Vita in itself.

To allow you to appreciate all this, Scuola Leonardo da Vinci in Rome offers from October 19th to 23rd the following one week, unique course that gives you the opportunity to learn Italian language while you appreciate the charm of the Italian way of life and participate to various cultural activities, mainly focused on History of Art and Italian Cuisine.

Language Program During the morning sessions (3 hours a day Monday through Friday), you will study Italian language being sure that the teaching method is tailored to your specific needs. Besides the grammar subjects studied, the topics of the conversation activities will be your guideline for the cultural activities scheduled during the afternoon sessions.

Culture Program Being in Rome, why don’t start from the very beginning. The first day will be dedicated to a guided tour of Ancient Rome. A professional guide will introduce you to the beauty and secrets of the Roman Forum, Coliseum, Pantheon and so on.

Whereas, on Tuesday evening you will have what we call a Watch The Chef class. A professional cook will show you how to prepare a typical roman dinner and, the good news is, that you can enjoy the meal after.

On Wednesday is Art again: an unforgettable visit to the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel included. On Thursday a breakaway in the countryside: a field trip to a farm where you will learn how to make your own cheese.

In vino veritas, the old saying goes, and we couldn’t think of a better way to complete your initiation to La Dolce Vita than a wine tasting under the supervision of a first class sommelier.


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