May 24

Major Achievements In It Education In India

The norms of IT education in India have been quite improved. Today, India can boast as one of the preferred study centers for IT education to the rest of the world. With a big leap in the economic sector, Indian IT education has also observed a radical change. There have been various major achievements in IT education in India. Indian IT institutes at present have evolved out and revamped the over all trend of IT education in the entire country. Some major achievements in IT education sector in India are discussed here under-

First and foremost, most of the IT institutes provide provision for enterprise training in India. Enterprise training in India is significant for both IT and non IT students. This particular facility helps IT students to launch their career on the right track with the right study program.

Secondly, industrial training in India is one striking facility provided in the reputed IT institutes in the country. IT institutes which provide industrial training in India ensure the quality and standard of IT study to the trainees. Besides industrial training, provision for corporate training in India is also provided to IT students. Facility for corporate training in India can groom the professional skill of the students while undergoing their technical study program.

Another major achievement in IT education in India is the facility for Cisco Certification. Cisco Certification ensures trainees that they have undergone a standard IT training program from a reputed IT institute. Cisco Certification is mostly provided during course certification. Course Certification is the final assurance to the students that they have successfully completed a particular IT training program and have cleared all the related exams and formalities.

Post-training or course certification, there is no dearth for jobs in the market for IT passed outs. It depends upon the study program of a particular individual to choose his own discipline adhering to his skills. So, as an IT passed out (and as per the related study program,) one can become a software engineer or a system administration or a network engineer. System administration comes under hardware program and the discipline revolves around the knowledge of the underlying hardware platform and also requires significant knowledge of the particular operating system used by that server.

With the growing need for skill development in India, IT education has undeniably achieved various milestones over the years. Students have an open choice to choose the desired field of IT study i.e. program for software, hardware or networking study. With an outbreak in the study for enhanced skill development in India, IT education has in fact scrutinized a radical growth.


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