Apr 30

Need Confidence How To Use Body Language To Appear More Attractive – (Calling All Shy Guys!)

Who else wants to project confidence in a crowd? Are you sick and tired of appearing meek, shy or reserved? Do you feel nervous, anxious or overwhelmed in groups? If so…the simple truth is that a subtle shift in your BODY language may be all you need to appear far more confident, collected an amazingly attractive in just a few subtle steps! Care to learn more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

What is the BEST way to project greater confidence for man?

Create some SPACE with your body and posture. Stand with your hips broadened out and toes pointed slightly out. If you do it properly, it creates a little gravitas to your posture. Keep your back STRAIGHT…but without looking forced, contrived or uptight. The key is to look comfortable, collected and hyper confident without being contrived.

What about hands and eyes? How do they play into becoming more attractive to others?

Honestly? Speaking with your hands is another GREAT way to communicate passion…and people are automatically attracted to people who are passionate! (about anything.) It also allows you to create some space…which again, leads others to lean BACK a bit with their bodies, yet lean IN to hear what you’ve got to say. (another of the paradoxes of posturing for leadership we believe in so much) Your eyes? You want to make FIRM eye contact…but don’t overdo it. No one wants to feel intimidated or uncomfortable by your gaze…and staring too hard can often create the dynamic of becoming UN ATTRACTIVE, rather than appealing.

The bottom line?

There is NO better barometer for a man and his appeal to others than his body language. Learning how to master the fine but subtle art and science of APPEARING more attractive, cool and confident is critical if you want to succeed…from the boardroom, to the bedroom…and beyond!


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