Apr 27

Neuro Linguistic Programming – What Can We Achieve With It

I’m right and you’re not! This is what umpteen people think these days. They way we think, the way we live, the way we communicate is entirely perfect and if something is wrong, that is not our mistake. These days, we are so busy with work, college, children etc. that we don’t realize that other people may also be right and you also can be wrong. Even if that’s the case, we do not want to admit it.ng>

“People are dealing with the world through a map”, this is what the Neuro Linguistic Programming and Alfred Korzybski, developer of the theory of general semantics, have stated. This map contains all kinds of ideas, concepts, projects, opinions and values about life, about others and about the person itself and his capabilities.

One part of the map is developed by feeling, principles and social ideas. The other part of the map is created through our private experiences. So, this stands for that each one of us has created a map through different filters.

According to this statement above, it is impossible to find two peoples with the same map.

Day by day we experience something new. So, there are too many of them to keep it all in our map. Some highly educated scientists have told that we receive millions of bits of information every second and our conscious mind only retains 5 to 9 items at a time. It is unachievable for a human to process all the info, so we select and filter them.

The 2 masterminds who developed Neurolinguistic program or NLP (John Grinder and Richard Bandler), have told that there exist 3 phenomena that take place to separate out all this info in order to shape a map:

1. Deletion
2. Generalization
3. Distortion

For each human being, the deletion, distortion and generalization process are unique. That is also the big cause why two people have their own ideas, reactions and emotions about the same experience. This is the way we make our map, by filtering and selecting.

With this knowlegde, you are able to take a look at situations from 2 or more sides. E.g., when 2 people have a struggle, they both may be right, according to their own map. So don’t attempt to convince a person that he is wrong, but notice his reality as a start and lead him towards a positive common end.

You can also change your mood at anytime and anyplace. You are able to extinguish issues and matters by exchanging them by other things. These things I’m talking about are thoughts, ideas, understandings and concepts about yourself, others and the world around you.


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