May 20

Right brain education leader, Heguru, now in Singapore

A number of right brain educational institutions have been set up in Japan, Malaysia, Australia and Singapore. These educational institutes are making parents reconsider whether it is better to send their child to a conventional educational institute or to these institutes which promise an overall development of your child. You can Visit this page.

A human brain has two lobes – the left one and the right. The left brain is the reasoning and logic centre while the right brain is the visualization centre. The left brain processes information at a much slower rate than the right brain. So these educational methodologies are trying to develop the right brain much more so that overall there is a big improvement in his cognitive skills. When a child is young, he can absorb a lot of information. A child’s brain development depends on this information. Starting at the age of 4 months, the brain starts developing at a very fast rate and continues till the age of 4 years. IF during this time the education is focused on developing the right brain more than the left brain, one can control the outcome. Look at here for more insight into brain development.

The Heguru education system targets children of the age of 6months to 12 years. The whole program is divided into a number of sub programs based on the age of the child. The toddler and infant sub program which is targeted at children of the age of 6 months to 4 years is the most critical part of the system. This is the time when most of the brain development takes place. These classes are meant to be attended by both the parents and the children. They believe in the system of student parent co-education. In this program, they are taught right brain stimulation, memorization techniques, photographic memory, number system through abacus and games, ESP etc. See this page for more information about the tools used in the class. The co-education helps in the bonding between the parents and child. The children are made to exercise their creativity and imagination in a relaxed atmosphere. At this stage, the classes are of 50 minutes duration.

After the children reach the age of 4, the teaching methodology changes. They are now encouraged to attend classes alone. This time, the program aims for the development of the left brain. They work on handicrafts and worksheets. They are taught through engaging stories. This program continues till the child is 5 years old. Lessons are of 70 minutes duration. You can learn more here. After the age of 5, the teaching methodology changes again. This program also focuses on developing the left brain and achieving a balance between the right and left brain. Group interaction activities are conducted which fosters team work. Lessons last for 90minutes duration.

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