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Study In Finland – A Best Place For Higher Education

Finland is beautiful country and a nice place for pursuing higher education.Universities of Finland are known for their training programs. Finland at present has 21 universities and 30 polytechnics.The national policy of internationalization also act as a catalyst to boost the education system of the country,which ensure the students from rest of world to come in Finland to pursue higher education.Finland universities and institutions of polytechnics have approximately 400 international study programs offers courses in the field of information technology, biotechnology, environmental sciences, architecture, music, art, and design.


Curriculum of the universities are divided into two semesters autumn semester and spring semester. Autumn semester generally runs from September till mid-December and the spring semester stretches from mid-January to mid-May. In order to get admission into you have to qualify the matriculation examination .

Top Universities in Finland

University of Helsinki :This is one of the best university of Finland , over 38,000 students enroll in various degree programs such as Law, Medicine, Arts, science, pharmacy, Biosciences, Behavioural Sciences, social science, Agriculture and Forestry, Veterinary Medicine etc.It is organised into four campus – Meilahti campus, Viikki campus, Kumpula campus and City centre campus.

University of Lapland: It is founded on march 1, 1979 ,located on the aectic circle.Currently four thousand students are enrolled in various courses.

University of Oulu : One of the largest educational institution in Finland and a active organisation conducting training using the latest technology and equipments to the students , trained them to face real work experience.University of Oulu quality assurance system has passed quality audit in 2010. The auditing body was the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council.

University of Turku is internationally acknowledge scientific institute , located in southwest coast of finland.Currently 21000 students are enrolled in various degree programs.This institute is known for their degree programs. Some of the training programs they offer are:

Courses offer:
Bioinformatics (M.Sc)
Master in Global Innovation Management
BioMedical Imaging (M.Sc)
Biochemistry (Ph.D)
Embedded Computing (M.Sc)
Computer Science (Ph.D)
Environmental Sciences (M.Sc)
Nursing Science (Ph.D)
Master of Global Information Technology Management
International Master in Management of Information Technology
Information Technology (M.Sc)

Address: International Office
FI-20014 University of Turku
Tel. +358 2 333 6582
Fax +358 2 333 6370

Aalto University: Aalto is one of the best institute of Finland, over 2000 students from more then 80 countries are studying in Aalto.There are about 15,000 undergraduate pursuing their training programs from over 3500 members of staff. Aalto provide 28 international master programs, every year over 40% of Finland’s top students in the field of technology, and 50% of doctoral students, graduate from here.


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