May 26

The Conspiracy Against Our Education, Why Money Is Not Taught In Our Schools

The Purpose of the foundation [ the Generational Education Board] was to use the power of money, not to raise the level of education in America, as we widely believed at the time, but to influence the direction of educationThe object was to use the classroom to teach attitudes that encourage people to be passive and submissive to their rulers. The goal wasand itto create citizens who were educated enough for productive work under supervision but not enough to question authority or seek to rise above their class. True education was restricted to the sons and daughter of the elite. For the rest, it would be better to produce skilled workers with no particular aspirations other than to enjoy life

G. Edward Griffin in The Creature from Jekyll Island on Rockefellers General Education Board, founded in 1903

In 1903, John D Rockefeller created the General Education Board. It seems this was done to ensure a steady supply of employees who were always financially in need of money, a job, and job security. There is evidence that Rockefeller was influenced by the Prussian System of Education,

a system designed to produce good employees and good soldiers, people who dutifully follow orders, such as Do this or be fired, or Turn your money over to me for a safe keeping, Ill invest it for you. ( people like Bernie Madoff) Regardless or whether this was Rockefellers intent in creating the General EducationBoard, the result today is that even those with a good education and a secure job are feeling financially insecure.

Cited from the book Rich Dads Conspiracy of the Rich, The 8 New Rules of Money.

Now you tell me if everyone that went school is not a good employee.

Our children need to learn what we did not in school so its our duty as adults to change the our

children ways to think about money. And we can teach them right at home like the elite do.

Please get this book and read it everyone.

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