Feb 21

The Los Angeles Recording School

The music, film, and currently, the video game production industry needs capable and well trained audio engineers to work with the projects audio production needs. So many high school graduates are considering going to an audio engineering school so they can get into these industries and find stable jobs. Due to its popularity, audio engendering is now almost being offered in all colleges and universities all over the country. Since audio engendering has a lot of fields, you can check if the school you are considering to enroll in offers the one that you want to specialize in. this article will talk about of the most well known audio engineering school in the west coast, The Los Angeles Recording School.

The Los Angeles Recording Schools provides their students intensive programs in audio engineering education which are designed to bring their students inside the audio and music production industry. The schools mission is to give their students the best training possible on audio engineering to start and improve on a future career in the professional music recording and audio production industry. The schools laboratories and studios use nothing but the best and latest equipment. With their Recording Engineer Program, their students work and learn in industry standard studios, recording and producing their work. They also get to work hands-on with the best tools, gears and equipments found in the recording industry. The school is found on Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. This is one of the biggest benefits the school offers since its very close to one of the centers of the recording industry.

The schools faculties of professionals, from recording engineers to producers, share what they learned and experienced in the music can audio engineering industry and business. The faculty provides the students with classes, workshops and seminars that they can practically use in the recording studio. Since most of the training is hands-on, the students get to learn first hands on how to use the different equipments to get the results they need.

Taking classes at this audio engineering school will cost you about $24,620. This does not include other fees such as the equipment/key deposits, application fee, and other payments. The school also asks their students to obtain their laptop package which consists of a MacBook Pro laptop, which contains all the programs and software they need to make their school work and projects. The school basically provides all the tools their students need to learn inside and outside the school.


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