Apr 30

Turn Your Home Into A School House

Did you know that American presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Widrow Wilson were both educated at home? Other well-known home schooled names include Che Guevara, Ernst Schrdinger, Elizabeth II and Thomas Edison. A wide variety of resources are available to those involved in home schooling. Various websites provide useful information. These websites often list helpful resources and provide links to free home school supplies available online. With the help of some websites, you will be able to source that free home school book for which you have long been searching.
Study Findings
In 2003, the National Home Education Research Institute conducted a survey of 7300 adults who received home schooling. Of the adults surveyed, 5000 received home schooling for over seven years. A large percentage of home school graduates serve their communities. Many serve their communities as sports coaches, volunteers at local schools, and members of a local church, or other neighborhood association. Whereas 37% of US adults who received a traditional education participate in community service, 71% of home schooled US adults are involved in local activities.
Unlike their public schooled peers, home school graduates are more active in civic affairs. Home school graduates also vote in higher numbers than their public school peers. The National Home Education Research Institute surveyed the voting activity of home school graduates between 18 and 24 years of age. They found that 76% of home schooled graduates voted in the last five years, compared to a paltry 29% of the US populace.
Finally, the study by the National Home Education Research Institute found that 59% of home school graduates consider themselves “very happy” with their lives compared to 28% of the general US populace. Of the graduates, 73% find life “exciting” compared with 47% of the national population.
Home Schooling and You
With luminaries such as Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison emerging from home schooling, home schooling is a worthy consideration. Studies prove that home schooled graduates are more active in their communities, vote more often than state schooled graduates and are happier people who find life more exciting.
Parents schooling their children at home benefit greatly from the variety of free home school supplies available online. Free home school supplies can be accessed, not only off the World Wide Web, but from local museums, community centres, churches, science preserves, parks and other community resources.
A number of parents acquire free home school supplies from a co-op of home schooling families in their area. Such groups meet once a week to provide a classroom environment and also have family-centred support groups where free home school supplies can be shared. Such a community also provides support for new parents adjusting to teaching their children at home. There are a variety of free home school supplies out there, to aid both parent and child.


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